Below, some of our favourites Medium articles where we share stories of meaningful work, freelance secrets and career tips.

I <3 my Job

In our meaningful work series, we get curious about why people love their jobs and what brings meaning to their work. We had a chance to chat with Anna Widomska, media buyer turned media seller who spends her off-office hours with the cutest dog on earth — Tucker.


There's So Much More Than Salary

Co-Founder, Annika Reinhardt shares her thoughts around total compensation. "Unfortunately, many job seekers get stuck on one thing: money. And don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important that you are paid fair market value, but I feel we often miss out on amazing opportunities because A) we don’t know what benefits are really important to us, and B) we don’t know how to find out which companies offer which benefits, above and beyond a salary..."