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Good resumes are hard to do

Writing resumes is nasty work. And something that most people feel ill-equipped to do. It is one of those things that feels like there is a secret formula — and I suppose there kind of is. Good news tho — I am willing to share with you my ideas (from a recruiter’s point of view!) on how to create an amazing resume. 


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There’s So Much More Than Salary!

Let’s look beyond the $$ signs…

Co-Founder, Annika Reinhardt shares her thoughts around total compensation. "Unfortunately, many job seekers get stuck on one thing: money. And don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important that you are paid fair market value, but I feel we often miss out on amazing opportunities because A) we don’t know what benefits are really important to us, and B) we don’t know how to find out which companies offer which benefits, above and beyond a salary..."


Dazzle Your Interviewers

Four Easy Steps to Making Sparks Fly With Your Next Employer

There are several ways to create a positive interview experience: by demonstrating your motivation to the role and your career, showing your interviewer you’re interest in the company, and showcasing your experience to prove you are capable of doing the work they require.


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Time Off Makes You More Productive

So, taking a vacation can help reduce stress and result in greater career successes, but what about the workaholic inside your mind who doesn’t see it that way? Here are the ways I tricked my own “internal critic” to shut up (because simply telling it to go on vacation didn’t seem to work 😤)



I Love My Job

In our meaningful work series, we get curious about why people love their jobs and what brings meaning to their work. We had a chance to chat with Anna Widomska, media buyer turned media seller who spends her off-office hours with the cutest dog on earth — Tucker.