Elevate your team

We spend 90% of our time laser focused on key performance indicators that run the business, leaving little time and resources to focus on the people and culture. Thriving company cultures don't happen by chance. And a thriving culture leads to accelerated performance. 

Focused on the leadership and communication of your teams, we design bespoke programs for management and executives alike, developing their leadership to create a thriving team environment.

Crystal is not afraid to ask hard questions objectively looking at our business, helping us focus on areas of our business that often get overlooked as a startup: like culture, people and team development — until they start to go wrong!
Chris Troelstra, CEO, Realty Butler


A career change is made more stressful when the decision is sudden. Support your employees by giving them a smoother transition, and help them jumpstart their job search.

Career transition services include:

  • Career assessment and values definition
  • Job research and discovery
  • Introductions to new industries and roles
  • Resume and cover letter writing assistance
  • LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media profile and presences
  • Interview and negotiation skills