New Leader Coaching

You spend your time focusing on specific strategies to drive your business forward. You have heard, and you probably even say “talent is a priority” and “it’s hard to attract and retain the best”. But let’s be real, giving your team the tools and resources needed for development, making hiring a thoughtful and meaningful endeavour, not to mention growing your own leadership capacity easily takes a backseat to the firefighting you’re doing day in and day out. 

Books and training courses are a great start, but where learning meets application is in the day to day. Give your company a competitive advantage that no one can beat by fortifying your emerging leadership and management team with one on one coaching and watch as your KPIs really start to blossom.

Startups are in an especially powerful, yet vulnerable situation. You have an opportunity to proactively shape your company’s culture. Let’s do this.

We partner with your business

We take an individual, tough love, no BS approach meeting each "coachee" where they are in their journey. From new people managers, to startup executives, we create a safe and motivating space for you to really develop leadership and communication skills. 

Coaching includes:
∙Founder Leadership + Business Coaching
∙New Manager Coaching
∙Productivity Coaching

Strategy Design and Development of:
∙Company Values + Culture
∙Hiring and Compensation Strategy

Crystal is not afraid to ask hard questions objectively looking at our business, helping us focus on areas of our business that often get overlooked as a startup: like culture, people and team development -- until they start to go wrong!"

- Chris Troelstra, CEO, Realty Butler