The Road to Self-Employment: The Secrets No One Shares about Being a Consultant


We'll share the secrets no one tells you when it comes to building a successful (and profitable) independent business. 

  • When? Tuesday, May 24, 2016 // 6-8pm
  • Where? Spring Activator (Main @ East Georgia)

Self-employed, consultant, solo-preneur, freelancer, contractor — whatever you call yourself — what unites us is wanting to find freedom from the 9-5. But this never comes easy. In order to thrive, you need to survive the first years of running your own business.

1 Crystal Henrickson 2015.jpg

That’s exactly where we, Talent Collective co-founders Crystal Henrickson and Annika Reinhardt found ourselves. Many moons ago, both of us struggled with the challenges a newly self-employed person faces. Wondering if it could be easier to detect crummy clients, if we were competitively priced, if other pitches and proposals were winning when ours weren’t, and how everyone else seemed to manage to get paid on time (every time!).

We banged our heads against the wall, ran back to the warm arms of day jobs (more times than we should admit) and slogged it out, ultimately learning what was needed to succeed, until finally, we were free…. And now, we want to share it all with you!

This fast-paced workshop will cover:

  • Writing Winning Proposals
  • Pricing Yourself Competitively
  • Invoicing and Getting Paid (on time!)
  • Secret tax and expenses insights only an accountant really knows
  • Time and capacity management

Bring all of the questions you were too scared to ask. We will spill all of our hard-learned secrets to building a business and lifestyle you want!