We are your career dream team—navigating your job search, right alongside you.

  • Helping you identify and articulate what matters most in your next workplace.
  • Advising on roles that match your skills, experiences,  motivations, interests and career aspirations.
  • Providing feedback and guiding the creation of your resumé, cover letter and digital profiles.
  • Preparing you for interviews and salary negotiations and navigating through your experience as a candidate.

To learn if our coaching services are a right fit for you, schedule a complimentary 30 minute session with our career team.

"Annika and Crystal at the Talent Collective were wonderful mentors and coaches for me as I navigated my next career move. They were able to give me valuable skills, especially in the areas of interviewing and negotiating, that helped me land an amazing opportunity! I would highly recommend their services for anyone with big career goals, and look forward to working with them again in the future."
— Emily S.

How We Work Together

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Over the course of 4 months, your personal career coach meets with you two times a month, via video or phone call. For a full hour, we focus on you and your career!

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Each session's topic will vary depending on where you are on your career journey, and what matters most to you. 

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Between sessions, you'll complete reflective and self work activities designed to deepen your self awareness, confidence and career goals! 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a coach, consultant or counsellor?

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What should I expect from the discovery session?

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I want a new career, but I don't know where to start. Is coaching right for me?

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Ready to take next steps? Schedule a 30 minute complimentary session with us today to better understand your career goals and introduce our services.