Stop making the most common job hunting mistakes

Regularly hosted webinars where we dissect the most common job search mistakes.

"From job descriptions, rate negotiating, and qualifications for a role,  Annika and Crystal (Talent Collective) helped me uncover the clarity I needed. The Career Boosting Webinar helped me become more confident and comfortable around negotiation a rate and applying for jobs that I was at least 50% qualified for.  Thanks ladies! "

- Adrian P.

Online Course: Career Boost Bootcamp

A simple 4-Step-Approach that will help you be the most productive on the job search. 

"Looking for your next dream job is not an easy task and can sometimes be down right confusing. Thankfully, Annika and Crystal are here to help! This online course unpacks important steps such as creating a market analysis, how to make your resume pop, and contains key supporting resources as you progress. So worth it!"

- Kei B.