Employee Experience Coaching

The Canadian unemployment rate is at an all time low. People have choice in their career paths like never before, and are more ready than ever to jump ship for the next best opportunity. Today’s workforce has deeper, more self fulfilling need from their career: they’re interested in professional development, career progression and opportunities for growth, belonging to a community, company culture, benefits, flexibility and more.

And you, as an employer, have the opportunity to make retention a competitive advantage in your company. It can cost upwards of 200% an employee's annual salary to attract someone new. Investing in the design and implementation of a strong employee experience is worth its weight in cost savings, not to mention strong employee experiences also reap rewards in measures of productivity, engagement and motivation.  

We Partner with Your Business


We partner with your company's leaders by blending coaching, training and consulting to develop strong employee experiences needed to compete in this market.

Our experiences span industries like technology startups, non profit organizations, and digital and creative agencies. And we've worked with companies ranging from bootstrapped founding teams to venture funded high growth companies, with a variety of workplace mixes including fully remote and distributed environments.

Together we'll explore how we can elevate your employee experience and develop a customized solution that works for your business and budget.


Our services include:

・Company Values + Culture Programs: from providing DIY
    recommendations to facilitating workshops '

・Candidate Experience Strategy: from penning job
    descriptions to developing scalable interview processes

・Compensation Strategy: from providing market research
    to developing comprehensive full compensation packages


・Professional Development and Learning Design: from
    coaching your emerging leaders to hosting learning sessions
    on topics that are important to your business.

・Employee Communications: from providing DIY
    recommendations to facilitating the implementation of new
    communication philosophies


To learn more about how Talent Collective can help you elevate your employee experience, schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery session.


Case Study: AVENUE HQ

"Crystal is not afraid to ask hard questions objectively looking at our business, helping us focus on areas of our business that often get overlooked as a startup: like culture, people and team development -- until they start to go wrong!"

— Chris Troelstra, CEO, Avenue HQ