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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a coach different from a mentor?

Coaching focuses on you in the present, and where you want to grow to in the future. Together, we focus on your development and growth as a whole person, to help grow self awareness, make better choices and move into action. We explore what shows up inside and outside of work, your personal values, career goals, where you’re wanting to grow to, and what’s getting in your way. You’ll know you’re in a coaching session when you’re being asked powerful questions, designed to deepen your self awareness, and grow you and your career to its highest potential!

Mentoring focuses on the personal, first hand experiences of the mentor to help you as the mentee understand how someone else has approached a situation. You’ll know you’re being mentored when you ask a question like “If this was you, what would you do.” 

I want a new career, but I don't know where to start. Is coaching right for me?

Deciding what is next in your career can be daunting. We help you make decisions and find your own path by asking hard questions that can be challenging to ask yourself. We explore what’s possible for you and your career and champion you every step of the way. Self reflection and accountability are at the core of our coaching programs. We’ll work alongside of you, helping you go from the reality of today to where you want to grow to in the future! If this sounds intriguing to you, then you’ve come to the right place. 

What is the difference between Talent Collective coaching and a relationship with a manager?

Like a relationship with a manager, coaching may mimic a healthy one-on-one meeting but there are some big differences. Firstly, in coaching, judgements and performance indicators are suspended, creating a safe space to flail or fail. Because your Talent Collective coach isn't measured on your performance, the relationship dynamic is one where you can share anything and everything and it stays confidential. Other differences often include where the focus is, and that is on you, the whole person, empowering you to solve the problem or perform the task at hand. When tough questions or explorations come up, we jump in, right with you. We'll ask you the hard questions and be with you as you explore what's getting in the way of being your best self at work. 

How will coaching help me become a better leader / manager?

Our one-on-one, immersive approach focuses you to what's most important and relevant to your objectives and opportunities in real time. We ask the hard questions that can be challenging to ask and answer yourself, creating a space for self reflection and accountability. Whether your are growing towards a management role, starting to build a team, or managing an established team, our work together will help you develop stronger leadership competencies. Intrigued? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

Is coaching something my organization will support?

Some companies have professional development budgets that can be accessed (and we'd encourage you to book a complimentary call with us to see how you could build your case to engage a certified coach). And some companies retain a coach for leadership teams, emerging leaders and individual contributors. If this sounds like something your organization would be interested in, check out our Emerging Leaders programs.

I freeze every time I get asked “What are your salary expectations?” Can you help me prepare for that?

Yes, we can! We specialize in helping you overcome your fear of asking for MORE by understanding how to prepare for a salary negotiation (finding salary data, identifying your compensation priorities etc.) and how to present your expectations in a way that feels authentic and comfortable for you. 

My performance review is around the corner. Can you help me prepare for it?

A performance review can be stressful, especially if you don’t know how to approach it in a way that highlights what you have accomplished to date and also shows your potential in the future. We will help you prepare by looking at your achievements and goals while identifying how you can increase your total compensation along the way.

How does career coaching for the solopreneur differ from business coaching?

While it is true that as part of our sessions we do regularly advise on business practices around marketing, business development, operations and finance, our default mode is coaching. We work with the whole you, not just on the challenges of your business to help you create a business and a life that you want. 

I’m new to freelancing and working on my own. How will coaching help? 

Going alone can be a long and lonely road. Working with a coach can help you avoid many of the pitfalls that trip new freelancers up -- everything from solo-marketing to finance. Learn how to get out of your own way to make the business and life you want! Save time, money and energy by getting clear and focused with priorities and accountabilities. With Talent Collective, you also get a supportive team alongside of you, who have walked this road too! 

What should I expect from the discovery session?

We like to think of this session as the first step in our relationship which starts with getting to know each other. and your company. You can expect questions about where your company is currently growing, your objectives and your struggles. And you can expect us to share more about coaching, how our programs work and who we are. 


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