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Globe & Mail

What would you do if your co-worker does the same job but makes way more than you do? Get some tips from Annika in this aricle

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Vancouver Is Awesome

Annika's thoughts in #EqualPayDay


CBC Radio

Annika answers live call-in questions from British Columbians on equal pay, transparency & more.

Segment starts at minute 25.

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CTV Vancouver

Annika chimes in on the federal budget and pay equity,



How Annika negotiated a part time role to work on her side hustle.

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CBC: Early Edition

Annika shares her thoughts on why pay transparency is important for employers and employees.

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Series: Creative Cultures

In FreshGigs.ca Creative Cultures series, Crystal Henrickson spends a day inside companies to learn how company culture play a role in employee happiness. From startups to design firms and all in-between, we’re pulling back the curtain on what it’s like to work in inventive and productive environments.


CBC: BC Almanac

Crystal talks about alternative work spaces including her home office.