Why are interviews so intimidating? Because they are like mixing public speaking and self-promotion all together in a high pressure situation. But it doesn't have to feel so stressful. 

Get Just-In-Time Learning to Land Your Dream Role!

  • Use proven techniques to tell your career story

  • Develop an interview strategy

  • Practicing your interview answers

  • Decipher visual and non-visual cues

  • Understand what your interviewer is really looking for

  • Handle unexpected curveballs with confidence

To learn if our interview prep coaching services are a right fit for you, schedule a complimentary 30 minute call with our career team.

"Working with Talent Collective gave me understanding in how to leverage and promote my unique skillset; leading to a new role and company that has transformed my professional life,I'm happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been before." - Steven M.

How We Work Together

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We'll meet you one-on-one virtually for 3 personalized coaching sessions designed to give you just-in-time interview readiness skills. 


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You'll do self work between our sessions to implement what you're learning.

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You'll have access to your own personal Interview Prep Board which will include resources, templates and readings to help you prepare.

Frequently Asked Questions

My interview is happening, soon! Can you help me prepare?

Interviews can happen quickly. With as little as 72 hours lead time, we can jump into our preparation program with you.  

What can I expect from 30 minute complimentary call you are offering?

We like to think of this session as the first step in our relationship which starts with getting to know each other. You can expect questions about you and your career background, your goals and your struggles. And you can expect us to share more about coaching, how our programs work and who we are. 

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