Online Interview Seminar

Goodbye nerves, hello confidence! How to be calm and confident in your next job interview. 

"Crystal gave me valuable skills, especially in the areas of interviewing that helped me land an amazing opportunity! I would highly recommend Talent Collective's services for anyone with big career goals."

- Emily S.

Online Course: Career Boost Camp

A simple 4-Step-Approach that will help you be the most productive on the job search. 

"I loved how useful the resources sections were at the end of each chapter, I've made a copy of everything and bookmarked the links, and to top it off, a new salary survey got emailed directly to me as an update just as I'm going into negotiations. I've heard job hunting "tips and tricks" more times than I care to admit, Talent Collective is the first to make it relevant to looking for in demand marketing and tech jobs."

- Gail F-S.